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Jack Durban

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Buy Jack Durban Marijuana Online

Little is known about Jack Durban and its origins.Buy Jack Durban Marijuana Online Many claim it to be a cross between Durban Poison and Jack Herer. Additionally, it is reported to be a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a THC content that exceeds 20%. The strain produces large nuggets which are frosty and dense at the same time. Additionally, they are dark green in color with orange hairs, which give it its vibrant look. The taste and smell are more or less the same, but they make the strain even more irresistible than it is.

Jack Durban offers woody and sweet flavors that are quite smooth during the inhale and exhale.The strain is strong. It will uplift you and energize you in no time. It is the perfect daytime strain and it has few to no drawbacks whatsoever. However, it is not recommended for patients who have just started smoking cannabis. Since it is a sativa dominant strain, it is primarily used for its medicinal properties. It is primarily recommended and used by patients suffering from severe ailments including fatigue, migraines, stress, anxiety and even depression.

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